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 The sea touches a special place in each of us. Artist Terry Moore has captured that special place with his celebrated Waterways Collection of the nation's most notable coastal areas. Combining geographic reality with artistic vision, the Waterways Collection represents a truly unique artform reflecting a coastal heritage and our strong emotional ties to the sea. As gifts,decorative accents, collectors' items or simply a reminder of special memories of special places, the prints of the Waterways Collection are wonderful additions to the world of nautical art, and especially, your home.

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Utilizing a strong foundation in art, coupled with degrees in history and philosophy, Terry set out to capture the spirit and beauty of America's spectacular coasts. The result is a distinctive marriage of oil on canvas that not only depicts geographical features of an area, but is reminiscent of a centuries-old tradition of fine cartography. Each print provides a unique view of the area it portrays; evoking imagination and memories of majestic ships and those who sailed them, hidden inlets, secret harbors and scenic vistas.  All crafted in exquisite detail and presented in vivid color, featuring a poem composed by the artist.  Hidden in each work is a rabbit symbolic of a wish for good luck to all purchasers.