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Oh wind, whose wild call send the waves
To dance across the bar,
Whose mighty voice sings out in praise
Of oceans wide and far,
Your tempest song has shaped these banks
And carved their destiny,
With breath of gale tossed cold and dank
You've ruled this untamed sea.
Down 'long these white and blustery shores
Where Joe Bells come to bloom,
Wild ponies frisk to ocean's roar
Among the rolling dunes.
From Lookout Bight to Currituck
And cross "Verrazano's Sea,"
"Blue Peters" fly for sailor's luck
And what is yet to be.
Here "Porpoise Sal" spun deep her spell
To the shoal's beguiling tune,
And the flaming ship once more shall sail
By September's first new moon.
The fates have played their wondrous hand
Time hears their legends speak,
Of pirate coves and shifting sands
And secrets they must keep.
For here the tales shall never end
So long as the breeze blows free,
These banks shall ever call within
All souls who love the sea.

– Terry Moore ©2015